This course is designed for the unexperienced operator. Mobile Crane Operations Fixed and Swing level I is a Pre requisite. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of this course. If you have any questions, or need further assistance we encourage you to give us a call and speak with one of our certified instructors today.

Intro to Prog/Overview. 2 hrs

Registration and introduction/overview to Lattice crane program.

Inspection. 2 hrs

Crane Inspection lecture and field time.

21301, Load Charts. 1.5 hrs

This module discusses the importance of load charts and charts that apply to different configurations. It includes on-rubber, outrigger, jib, and deduction charts, as well as rage diagrams and operational notes. In addition, parts of line and capacity calculations are covered.

21207, Assembly & Equipment Movement. 2.5 hrs

This module covers site hazards and restrictions that could hinder on-site crane movement safety considerations involved in crane movement over unleveled ground pick-and-carry operations, and power-line contact. Flotation capacity is also addressed in this module. This module discusses the proper handling, loading, unloading, and securing procedures of mobile cranes and their components. Information is also presented on driver requirements and requirements for securing mobile cranes for transport.