This course is designed for the unexperienced operator. Mobile Crane Operations Fixed and Swing level I is a Pre requisite. Below you will find a comprehensive overview of this course. If you have any questions, or need further assistance we encourage you to give us a call and speak with one of our certified instructors today.

Intro-1, Introduction. .5 hrs

This module introduces the mobile crane operations trainee to the types of cranes and their varied uses, as well as career opportunities and personal requirements for mobile crane operators.

Intro-4, Glossary. .5 hrs

This module explains the basic definitions used in the operations of cranes.

Module 1, Rules and Regulations. .5 hrs

This module introduces various safety aspects of mobile crane operations, rules and regulations.

Module 5, Wire Rope. 2 hrs

This module introduces the trainee to the fundamentals of rigging, including rigging hardware, wire rope, and the various types of slings and their configurations. It also covers rigging safety, use of tag lines, and load handling for crane operations.

Module 6, Maintenance and Inspection. 1 hr

This module covers preventative maintenance and compliance inspections on a crane. The trainee will gain an understanding of the safety considerations, procedures, and equipment/materials required of these inspections.

Module 7, Load Charts. 2.5 hrs

This module discusses the importance of load charts and charts that apply to different configurations. It includes on-rubber, outrigger, jib, and deduction charts, as well as rage diagrams and operational notes. In addition, parts of line and capacity calculations are covered.

Module 8, Crane Types. 1 hr

This module addresses operational techniques beyond simple lifts. These include more advanced lifting operations, such as multiple-crane lifts, critical lifts, bind lifts, and demolition. This module also includes sections on how to use magnet and vacuum lifting devices, and how to operate a mobile crane in extreme weather conditions.